Musica Publishing House was founded 25 years ago. Surveys have established that it has an over 80% share of the Bulgarian market of music-related literature, including scores, performance research, theoretical and educational materials. The company's production is subject to rising interest on part of foreign publishers and distributors from Europe and the USA. That is mainly in the area of pre-print operations for musical publications, complete cycle of production of musical scores and foreign literature in translation, distribution of Bulgarian publications to orchestras, libraries and research centres, fairs and exhibitions.
Specialized in the area of sheet music and pedagogical publications of research and popular books on music, the largest musical publishers in Bulgaria also publish Bulgarian and foreign reference, historic literature and fiction. Secondary and higher schools of music are provided with learning and teaching materials in all theoretical disciplines, including music exercises, collections, individual pieces, thematic publications for all instruments, for voice and choirs, orchestra scores. This is done through the successful combination of tradition (reprints) with the quest for new aspects in music training literature - new books by Bulgaria's most prominent musical pedagogues.
Over the past few years international contacts have become a main priority of Musica Publishing House. They have resulted in the publication of the unique work of Bozhidar Karastoyanov "Chants for the Saints Cyril and Methodius in Neumatic Sources from the 12th - 20th Century". This is the first publication in the world of these sources, and it includes deciphers of the authentic musical artifact along with transcripts to provide accessibility for contemporary performance. Widening the thematic scope and aimed at popularization of Bulgarian musical and interpreting traditions resulted in the publication and translation to German of a book dedicated to singer Lubomir Panchev, "The Bulgarian from the Vienna Opera" which was commissioned by the Society of Friends of the Stattsopera in Vienna.
Musica Publishing House's latest publication is the two-volume "History of Music", editor Marie-Claire Beltrando-Patier, with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Cultural and Scientific Development at the French Embassy to Bulgaria, and the National Book Centre at the Ministry of Culture of France. An encyclopedic survey which provides unique contact with the musical heritage of West Europe, seen through the eyes of the contemporary researchers.
An important part of Musica Publishing House's work is in the field of widening its contact with foreign musical publishers. Along with translations of foreign literature for Bulgarian audiences, this also provides the world communities to gain knowledge of the achievements of the Bulgarian composing school. The collections of study materials and works by Bulgarian composers like Pancho Wladigerov, Lubomir Pipkov, Dimiter Nenov, Vesselin Stoyanov, Simeon Pironkoff, Ivan Spassov, Milcho Leviev, Emil Tabakov , Lubomir Denev, Gheorghi Arnaoudov and many others should be noted here, which were commissioned by International Music Service, New York.